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You have freedom of speech, as long as you say what we tell you! The internet used to be the last bastion of freedom of speech, and now that ship is sailing. My youtube channel keeps getting banned, because I’m spreading what they call “medical misinformation”, when what I’m actually doing is promoting choice and bodily autonomy. Whenever I appeal their decision I ask “what part is medical misinformation, I’ll be happy to edit it out?” They reply with… We’re upholding the ban, ridiculous!

These big tech companies just have computers read a script, and if there’s any phrases or words they don’t like, DOWN GOES YOUR CHANNEL! It doesn’t matter the quality of your information, how well sourced it is, if it conflicts with youtube or the WHO in any way it’s gone. This is hardline censorship akin to book burning in the middle ages. YOUtube is called that for a reason, because it was a platform for YOU to upload things and share ideas.

YOUtube is now THEMtube because they admit to promoting mainstream media channels like it’s a TV station, this in effect censors the alternative media and squashes the actual people who built youtube into what it is today. What a total disgrace! The CEO of youtube doesn’t like people posting info from their basement.

YouTube CEO: It’s easy to “make up content and post it from your basement” so we boost “authoritative sources”

Excuse me, let me just purchase a fully staffed studio in downtown NYC and maybe I’ll qualify to be on your platform. These big tech CEO’s should be FORCED to stop censoring speech, because obviously their parents didn’t instill any values in them.

We are on a road to tyranny if we don’t get this sorted out and quickly.