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Religo (latin)- To bind, to hold back

Jordan Maxwell and Santos Bonacci have been instrumental in my understanding of modern religions. Where did they come from? What is their purpose?

The equal arm cross, noticeably different from the commonly known christian cross is one of the oldest symbols in recorded history. It symbolizes the sun, and it’s 4 houses. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- the 4 houses of the zodiac! There are so many undeniable references to astro-theology in the bible it’s mind blowing.

The bible is the greatest story ever told, but it’s just that, a story. It’s a metaphor, it never happened in reality. It’s a story of self discovery and self worth. There are incredible esoteric lessons in all religions, but it’s usually reserved for the higher ups or the initiates. I’m seeking to change that.

Religion has become a control system, forcing people to externalize their power instead of looking inside of themselves. They always seek a saviour, never knowing they are the saviour themselves. The church never tells them that, they are too busy collecting tax free donations and enjoying other status perks in their communities.

Where are the priests standing up to the crimes of government? They are quiet as mouses on any real issue taking place in the world, and we’ve all heard of the crimes at the upper echelon of the catholic church, covered up by government. Until these church “leaders” stand up to evil, they deserve no respect, they should be pitied.

Judaism, the star

Islam, the moon.

SUN, STAR, MOON. It’s astro-theology folks….