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It’s amazing it took this long, after decades of knowing full well how dangerous pesticides and chemicals are Mexico is finally phasing out certain products from sale. If you know me, you know organic is the way to go. It tastes better, is chemical free, and is really no more difficult to produce than petro-farmed poisons. Organic food also doesn’t destroy the soil, environment, and wildlife in the area…

Why is Mexico doing this? Immense pressure from the U.S. and other high export countries are now demanding it, people like you and me are having our voices heard. See something wrong? Say something! Canada imports tons of food from Mexico every day, and buying organic is simply out of reach for so many people. Don’t listen to the common hipster who swears by organic food in the city, it can cost five times as much! It’s like the good food is reserved for the rich, and the poor are stuck with food grown in sub standard environments, some of this produce on the shelves today is not even worth shipping at all.