It’s never been easier to convert those useless federal reserve notes into a different form of worthless currency, crypto! Crypto is very useful for buying giftcards, staying private and anonymous, with a worldwide exchange rate.

I own Monero, bit coin and LBC coin. I’m going to review each briefly:

Bitcoin: The first, the most valuable, currently at 74k CAD, you can use bitcoin to exchange for others, Visa/ Mastercard and Paypal have adopted it. Bitcoin is not private however.

Monero: Monero is completely anonymous de centralized crypto currency, this is THE REAL BITCOIN. It’s at $270 and should be going way up, especially since the governments keep bailing everything and everyone out.

LBC: You can get this stuff free of charge just by watching videos and registering an account at, currently at .30$ CAD, this might go way up!

Pertinent sites:

I’m still using physical cash as much as possible, just to be a thorn in the side of the banking cartels and financial “elite.” The world is unfortunately going digital, and I’d rather have a currency that is anonymous and private, which certain cryptos like Monero are!