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Aris or Isis

Hello everyone! In this age of manipulation it’s important to always remember we always have freewill, if we align our choices with natural law great things occur. Cause and effect! Karma is legitimate, it is real. You can test it out yourself, try being in service to others for 1 week and compare it to a time when you were only in service to yourself. Opportunities will start presenting themselves in ways you never imagined possible, the universe has a way of accommodating those who accommodate it.

I titled this entry Aris or ISIS because humanity is in a crucial time of choice. Are we going to allow other entities full ownership of our bodies, or are we going to educate and make choices for ourselves? Every individual is being pressed to make this choice, do you want the path of chaos and pain, or the path of enlightenment and wonder? I will choose Isis every time, even if it comes with ridicule and abuse.

The world is a magical place that provides us with everything we need. There is no reason to choose the path of barbarism, by way of segregation laws or prohibition laws. So long as we take care of each other, the universe will take care of us.

Thanks for checking in, more soon!


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