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Amandha Vollmer Responding to Recent Stillbirths


My response to this:

Answers to every death from their poison quackzines is what any cult member would repeat, “they are safe and effective, safe and effective” while providing ZERO evidence of such, ignoring VAERS/AEFIs and all the coercion, blatant removal of rights and the ongoing gaslighting from the brainwashed MORONIC MDs and nurses also indoctrinated into a cult (it COULDN’T be the jab that killed them/caused the heart attack/gave the Bell’s palsy/aborted your baby because the manta is “safe and effective”, our handlers in the Big P-harm-a cartel that run our schools told us so! End of story!) What about the 136 FOIs that show CONVID has never been isolated? How about Event 201? And Klaus AnalShwab’s Global School that trained all these puppets they have diligently been placing into power to roll out their NWO takeover plan aka Agenda 21? How about the 5G towers? What about the graphene oxide? Perhaps ask yourselves why all the shitty boosters are needed if their poison is so effective against the fake disease (aka the flu, oh, but have these idiots even looked at the stats? Of course not. SO WHERE DID THE FLU GO?) What about digital IDs, QR codes, and The Great Reset, huh? Yeah right, a “pandemic” sure…You can’t just make up numbers with a fraudulent PCR technique, call healthy people sick and flash these massive FAKE numbers in people’s faces all day…eventually you have to prove a pandemic with evidence. Well, we have that evidence and there isn’t one and never was. We also know they are nothing more than EVIL liars. It’s time to walk away from these puppets with rocks for brains and start a new society while they work on their Georgia Guidestone ideals. Thanks for bringing up important points, Rick…but honestly these fools are a lost cause and already should be in jail for treason.


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