My given name is Stewart Daniel, and my family name is Passmore. I am a living man born on Dec. 10th 1989 in the geographical region commonly known as British Columbia to Kenneth Passmore and Emily Charlotte-Jenny Miller.

I declare my political status as a Canadian state national born within the physical borders of the province of British Columbia.


I am a man operating within the Natural Law on the land and soil. I am not a member of any organization that makes “laws” for it’s subjects.

All contracts I have with CANADA, PROVINCE OF ONTARIO, or PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA or any of their incorporated, parent or sister entities, were signed without full understanding or disclosure, and are therefore not legitimate or binding upon me. I am not a ward, member or citizen of these organizations, I do not willingly hold any office in them, and I waive any benefit which requires any performance from me I do not wish to engage in. It is my wish that these organizations do not initiate contact with me.


The only contracts I consider valid or binding upon me are those which are made between me and another living being.


No individuals or organizations are currently permitted to serve as my agent, attorney or representative for any matter unless their names are listed in this section or can present a video of me granting them permission to do so.


If you feel I have caused or am threatening to cause you harm, it is my wish that you contact me directly via stewpassmore@protonmail.com to ask me to desist or provide restitution.

*If we can not work it out privately between the two of us then we may convene a public court via video chat to be made public on major videos publishing sites. The court will contain jury members consisting of equal amounts people of each of our choosing, and a neutral administrator of proceedings which we both agree upon. To be valid we must both agree beforehand to abide by any unanimous decisions of the jury.


I will presume you consider the contents of this document reasonable and true, and that you agree to respect my wishes unless you notify me otherwise by emailing me at stewpassmore@protonmail.com