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Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound are the only 5 senses humanity accepts as true. Do not get trapped in this mode of consciousness, there is so much more to the world than our 5 sense reality. You can’t smell like a bloodhound, you can’t see at night like an owl, imagine what else we are missing.

Everyone sleeps at night, and is totally disconnected with their physical body, and mind. Most never pay it another thought. Carl Jung in his book “Man and His Symbols” delves into this subject deeply. Last night in a dream, I convinced 2 old friends playing chess in a bar to come visit the University of Berlin with me. I said “Karl Marx and shitloads of other famous people went there.” We never reached the university, wading through a sea of masked Europeans, all we did was move throughout the city, people were cold, dark and it was raining. I looked it up when I woke up and the university of Berlin doesn’t exist anymore, it was renamed and eventually transformed into something else. What is the relevance of this? I can’t say for sure, but if this theme is a re-occuring one, Carl Jung could connect the dots and explain what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you while you sleep.

Why are people so attached to their 5 sense reality when they are totally disconnected from it 1/3 of their lives? There is a lot more going on than we think, just saying!