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Our New Health Tyranny

2020 was a real eye opener for us all. We saw how quickly fear can destroy a society, how fragile our economy is, and how dependant we are on government systems. 2020 was wonderful for me in a lot of ways. I took the valuable down time to study and read books about the truth and mysteries of the world. On top of that, I started a video series, started a podcast, and started a website! My foundation called “Reforest Canada” was recently teased but not launched, that will be an organization that plants and reforests Canada and outwards.

It was not without heartbreak of course, as we current exist in a state of tyranny. You are now sick until proven healthy, and guilty until proven innocent. Such a massive transformation of society was not easy to watch, especially knowing what I know. There’s nowhere to run and no where to hide. Travel has been restricted, work is illegal, eating out is illegal, we even had mass house arrest of healthy people in Quebec Canada. The next few years we will see growing authoritarian measures, it feels like you can’t walk 15 feet without seeing another robotic police officer wearing a face covering. That’s welcoming and pleasant isn’t it?

The only thing we can really do is spread the word, that authority isn’t real and the monetary system is 100% fraud. It’s moving in the right direction finally, but at a snails pace! You can prove this by how hard doctors and media are going after naturopaths, and anyone who disagrees with them. No debate is allowed in a tyranny, this isn’t a democracy!

Thanks for checking in, and as we move into summer keep your spirits high.

You beat them by transcending them.



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