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Hear me loud and hear me clear. Authority is the biggest myth perpetuated on the human species. The right to command others is not inherent to nature, meaning it is an illusion and has no basis in reality.

People in ancient times were ruled by kings, the representatives of gods. Today we are ruled by government, which is a diffusion of power into “representatives.” Has anything really changed? People still believe in the false religion of authority like they should be ruled at all.

If you do even minor research into occult (hidden) knowledge you will understand how people are so easy to manipulate. Read “Crystallizing Public Opinion” by Edward Bernays (HERE!) who was a total satanic lunatic. You have to understand the controllers psychology if you wish to initiate change on any kind of large scale. Bernays outlined the methods of manipulation, everything you see and hear on TV and the radio is highly controlled by manipulators. They can get people to believe and buy just about anything, it’s a tried and true formula of deception that widens the gap of top down control even further than ancient kingship.

There are many great movies and tales that expose the agenda for human control in movies in allegorical form, like Equilibrium, the Matrix trilogy, and even the raunchy adult cartoon Sausage Party.

If we don’t seek to know and learn truth, we will face the most dire consequences. Ask yourself this, take a step back and ask “do I have the right to command other people?” The answer is no, which means NO ONE has such a right. It doesn’t exist because we all have the exact same rights.

We all have the exact same rights, no more and no less. Let’s start acting like it and behaving like moral people.