This deserves its own post because it’s completely absurd and I see it all the time, blaming common Jewish people for what the brainwashed Israeli army does in the Middle-East. Israel is a very touchy subject to say the least, and I don’t support the Israeli state simply because I don’t support any state existing at all. I don’t support Palestine or Israel so let’s make that clear.

The existence of a state means slavery remains intact, wether it be in the US or Sweden, it doesn’t matter. The concept of a government is a complete logical fallacy because it claims to give a certain group rights others don’t have. This is simple to dissect, do I have the right to tax another? No, that means no one has that right, or any other right I don’t possess as an individual. You can’t give someone something you don’t possess yourself, meaning government as a concept falls flat on its face.

Israel is one of the newer nation states formed in the 20th century, Canada and the US give billions to them every year in military support. It’s quite ironic to see North American taxpayers protesting Israel everyday yet they directly fund the thing they are protesting. Inconsistency much?

Then you see the genius of the controller, people don’t really want to be free. Understand this, when the balkan nations finally got rid of the dirty communists, they couldn’t wait to put another king in power and start breaking their backs for them. The occult leaders behind the scenes know this well, that people don’t really want freedom. People simply want a nicer owner, or loosened change. Nothing has changed in thousands of years, and we will continue to generate slavery so long as our minds don’t change.

Change your mind, change the world. We all have the exact same right, no more, no less.