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2022- Dispelling Fear

What dispels fear? Knowledge. The people in the world have no real power because they have no knowledge. The people manipulating things behind the scenes know this well, so they keep the general public in a constant state of fear.

Almost every divide and conquer technique works like magic, age, race, creed, religion, diet, sexuality, the list is almost endless. Why am I not in fear of coronavirus? Because I have hard won knowledge on the transmission of diseases, coming from brave souls in the alternative media and truth world(1). You cannot transmit viruses or diseases from person to person. This poisoned worldview is taught to children from a very young age, cooties anyone? COVID-19 is a giant psychological operation while the world power structure steal everything with the other hand and install new systems of economy and trade.

We the people are sick of these wars, we don’t have anything to do with this and the ignorant masses continue to suffer because they refuse to learn and say no in large numbers. The more you comply, the worse this gets. Look at taxation, started at 1%, indirect taxes, now people have accepted taxes on just about every purchase except fresh produce and water. Keep an eye on these brave souls below and start living your life again! This is 2022 after all.

(1) Dr. Andre Kaufman, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Dr. Tom Cowan. Find their work on sites that support free speech. (e.g. bitchute, minds, odysee)

Happy New Year!

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